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John 15:13

Ana Menez

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"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends."

In this verse, the Lord Jesus Christ points out that the ultimate show of agape love is the willingness and act of giving our very lives to our friends. He goes on to identify who his friends are: those who follow His teachings. That means His disciples and everyone who follows God’s call of salvation through faith in Jesus’ life-giving sacrifice are His friends.

Laying our lives for others goes beyond the physical aspect. In John 15, Jesus commands us to abide in Him and in His love. In doing so, we are likewise commanded to nurture love for one another. Abiding love that flows from a heart of obedience is active.

Loving God and demonstrating Christlike love for others is not one time. It is daily. It is current. It is motivated by sincere love for our God and Savior, and it is fueled by our desire to practically love others the way we are greatly loved by Him. This is the most fruitful way for any Christian to live. This is a spiritually abundant life.