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Stuck on what to pray for today? Conflicted between different aspects of your life? This prayer generator might be exactly what you need. Running out of ideas on what to pray for will no longer be an issue for you. Based on what you select, this generator will generate a short, randomized prayer that will help guide you with clarity on the topic and focus you choose. Each prayer is picked carefully based on your selections so that you are provided with the perfect personalized prayer for your desires! If you’re looking for some extra inspiration, the prayer generator is here for you.

verses Daily Bible Verse

In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Gods ways are not our ways. His ways are perfect and beyond our understanding. Implied within this verse is the knowledge that when we go our... Read More >

prayers Daily Prayer

Father, I pray that every morning I wake up and find nothing but Your presence and greet the day with love and enthusiasm. As chaos reigns around me, may You be with me in my every moment. May I hear... Read More >

relationship Today's Relationship Prayer

In relationships, we sometimes face big decisions. Life changes such as getting married, starting a family, or buying a house all come with major impacts and important details to evaluate. When contemplating such decisions we not only need to plan... Read More >

gratitude Today's Moment of Gratitude

When we pray the Lords Prayer, we ask for our daily bread. But do we pause to thank God for yesterdays bread? Many of us do, perhaps before each meal, we offer a word of thanks. But we also know... Read More >