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5 Characteristics Of A Follower Of Jesus

Fred Foster

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If you are a follower of Jesus, most likely you believe in God, go to church and communion, are charitable, pray, live a moral life. None of these things answer the question "are you a follower of Jesus?” Engaging in some of these activities doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a follower of Jesus. To see whether we are true followers of Jesus, we should understand how true genuine followers act.

1. Born Again

It is crucial to repent and confess our sins. It is the first thing that qualifies us to become a follower of Jesus. We shall receive God’s forgiveness and surrender our life to Christ as our Lord and Savior. We should follow in his footsteps. To be a Christian is not just about improving ourselves, but to be completely reborn to start a new life of the Spirit.

2. Prayer

Be a person of prayer, just as Jesus was. It will be a large and important part of our lives, and not just an occasional plea for help. Prayer will be a priority and will be a daily habit. Having that quiet time with God, at the start and the end of each day will make sure we’re walking in the footsteps of Christ, even if it only takes you a few minutes.

3. Listen

All too often we wake up and the first thing we think about is what we need to get done that day. It’s important to meet our responsibilities, but it’s also essential to listen to the Father and ask him to help guide us. We must take time to listen to Him as we pray and read his word every day.

4. Belief

We must continue to have faith and believe in Him. If we don’t, then we will go astray and live self-centered lives. As genuine followers of Christ, we shall trust Him with our pains, temptations, needs, and difficulties and rely on him.

5. Obedience

Sin always ends up leading to the loss of opportunities or blessings. If we refuse to obey God, he will send trouble into our lives to help put us back on the right path. It is always right to obey God, as he is the source of all things good.