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Proverbs 10:12

Jac Filer

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"Hatred stirs up conflict,

but love covers over all wrongs."

In a world full of fighting, it is easy to get caught up in hate and see others as enemies. Even we who have been redeemed by Christ are not immune to this thinking.

Too often, we in the church spend more time dwelling on the people and ideas that we oppose, marring our witness to the world. Yet, Jesus calls us to a life set apart from the ways and methods of the world, inviting us instead to walk in the light of His love. First by loving Him with our whole being, then by loving our neighbors as ourselves, and finally by loving our enemies and repaying evil with kindness.

Yes, we are called to confront sin in our midst, but we do not cover sin by excusing it or by condemning the sinner. Instead, we overcome sin through God’s grace-filled forgiveness that leads to repentance and restoration.