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Relationship Prayer: Lord Jesus, I Pray For The One I Love

Rebecca Goings



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We should always be in prayer for those we love, and no one more so than the very one who shares our lives and our hearts. There is power in prayer and prayers that are spoken in true love are the most powerful prayers one can lift up to God.

Lord Jesus, I pray for the one I love, this person with which You have given me to spend my life. I ask for You to fortify their heart, that they will always look to You and love You first in their lives, even before me. Give them wisdom and discernment to know Your will, and a deep reverence for the things of God. Help me to know how to be for them the partner they need, and grow me in all these things as well. Help me to always nurture their faith and always point to You, come what may. Amen.

The true test of love for another heart in Christ is whether or not we lift them up to the Father.