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Relationship Prayer: Lord In You All Things Are Made New

Jac Filer

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Marriages and partnerships sometimes suffer deep wounds. Selfish desires lead to harsh words and unloving actions, causing damage that takes time and effort to repair. In such times, we must recognize our limitations. It is only through God that we find the full grace that we need for such deep healing.

Lord, in you all things are made new. And I need your renewal now, my marriage is fractured and I cannot restore it on my own. I confess that I have been selfishly pursuing my own needs while neglecting the needs of my spouse. Please forgive my pride and give me the grace to change. Give patience and wisdom to my words, so that I may use them to build up, and not tear down. Fill my heart with a desire to serve, not out of hope for reward, but as an expression of free love toward my spouse and toward you.

In Christ, we are given the grace to confess, to forgive, and experience healing. For he has made us a new creation.