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Relationship Prayer: Lord, We Thank You For The Strong Bonds Of Love...

Jac Filer

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In relationships, it is easy to let our enjoyment of each others’ company squeeze other people out of our lives. A day, then a week, then more go by where we forget to reach out to our friends, and we become increasingly isolated. Let’s ask God to help us maintain those connections.

Lord, we thank you for the strong bonds of love that you have given us with one another. We confess that sometimes we focus so much attention on our own relationship that we neglect the other friends and family that you have given us. Help us to establish and maintain connections with others so that we might not become isolated from our larger community. Help us to forge friendships with other couples so that you can work through us to provide encouragement for others, and provide us a source of strength and wisdom as we encounter our own needs. In Jesus’ name, amen.

We were made to be part of a community. As couples, we must guard against isolating ourselves.