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Inspirational Quotes

25 Quotes About the Goodness of the Lord

The Lord is good to us, loving us and providing us with what we need. He protects us, He offers...

Uplifting Quotes to Help You Through Day

Encouraging others is one of the many virtues taught to us in the Bible. Having positive thoughts at all times...

33 Quotes About Encouragement

When we need light or inspiration in our lives we can always look to God. He provides us with His...

27 Quotes About Thankfulness

It doesn't need to be Thanksgiving in order to express what you are thankful for. Acknowledging all you have to...

16 Quotes About Gratitude

If you are feeling low, one of the best ways to increase positivity is through gratitude. Gratitude not only allows...

38 Quotes About Christianity

Inspiration stems from many different areas in our lives and reaches everyone in different ways. But there is also one...